Welcome to the Heartwood Forest Preschool!

Mission Statement and Pedagogy

Heartwood Forest School strives to support the wonder and magic of childhood in the sensory-rich settings of forest and farm. We provide a developmentally appropriate and nourishing environment for the mind, body and soul of the young child, inspiring curiosity and confidence while building bodily, emotional and social intelligence. Our curriculum is based on practical life work and the daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms of the year. Each day is spent mostly outside though we also have a cozy indoor classroom for inclement weather and rest time.

Heartwood is located on a 1.3 acre urban homestead, nestled among acres of forest, in the heart of the Enright Ridge Urban Eco Village. We currently have chickens and rabbits, and hope to one day also have a few sheep!  Enright Avenue is a quiet dead-end street, with very little car traffic or the noise pollution typical of most city streets. Our little street is sprinkled with urban homesteads and friendly neighbors.  While here one hardly remembers we are just 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Additionally, it is home to Imago, a 36 acre nature preserve with hiking trails and lots of wildlife.

We are a Waldorf and LifeWays inspired program. Miss Megan is both a certified Waldorf and LifeWays Early Childhood teacher. These pedagogies are based on the works of Rudolf Steiner and his view of the developing human being.

To request a copy of our 2017-2018 parent handbook, please email megan@theheartwoodpreschool.com